How To Join

“2B1ASK1″ It’s a phrase you’ve probably seen on bumper stickers or road side signs. Meaning “To Be One, Ask One” the phrase explains the first and most important step to becoming a Free Mason: Ask one!

First and Foremost:

To be one you have to ask one

General Requirements

You must believe in a Supreme Being.

You must be male.

You must be 18 years of age, or older.

You must have resided in the State of South Carolina for twelve consecutive months prior to petitioning for membership. Six months for Armed Forces Personnel

You must be able to read and write English.

You must be recommended by two Masons.

Investigation and Balloting

You must apply by petition and it must be read at a regularly scheduled business meeting of the Lodge you wish to join.

Your petition must be in your own handwriting.

Your petition must be accompanied by the specified fee.  Fees are set by the individual Lodges and approved by the Grand Master.

Once your petition is submitted, the Lodge will assign a committee of three to inquire into your qualifications and make a report at the next scheduled business meeting.

If the committee report is favorable, a vote of the Lodge members present at a business meeting is taken.

If the vote is unanimous, you are invited to take the First Degree of the three Degrees of Ancient Free Masonry.